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An introduction to scrying with a crystal ball

Instructions.Things You'll Need:

  • A Glass or crystal sphere,
  • A Black Cloth
  • Peace and quiet


The crystal ball is used to confuse the conscious mind,to allow the subconscious intuitive mind to take main stage.To begin reading the crystal ball, you must try and read  in a calm mind, with nothing else running around in your head. If you have problems, push them aside, or it will be impossible to continue.

Sit comfortably, with a small table in front of you at a level of around 2ft below shoulder level, as you sit. Place the ball on a dark cloth, or on a velvet covered table which is used expressly for this purpose, like a Gypsy table, which are sometimes available in antique shops.
If you are attempting to read someone else, they should place their hands cupping the ball, but not touching it, whilst sitting opposite you. You should form your hands as if going to pray, with the thumbs and fingers touching their opposite partner, then open up the fingers from the little finger out, so that just the index fingers are touching, and the thumbs, to make a triangle or pyramid.

Focus through the pyramid at the crystal ball, so that you can see an image of yourself through the triangle, then blink, three very long blinks, and then focus through the ball, so that the ball itself is no longer in clear view.
Imagine a pair of curtains, with all the details of the stitching and the patterns , and the cloth are in front of your eyes, Then close your eyes, and imagine the curtains being drawn slowly apart.

Images will come into your head, not the ball, and it is these images which you should describe to the person being read. Sometimes the images are symbolic, and will mean something to the person that you are reading, rather than to yourself, so you should describes everything that you see, even if it seems silly or out of context.

Symbolic images which mean something to you personally may start to make themselves known, and will always mean this thing,(For example if I see a little blue car going down dark roads, it means that someone will be constantly traveling, with little rest, and no permanence) These images are built up over time with your readings, so you should keep a small notebook of the signs that you see, and note what the meanings seemed to be over the space of a few readings,(and a life time).

Crystal balls come in many types. The crystal ball will give you images of actual happenings in the past and present, when you have been practicing constantly, usually within four or five sessions. These you should describe in great detail, you will usually be able to get an idea of the era, through the vehicles, house decorations and gardens which you see. but if you describe it clearly enough, then you should get some feedback from your client after the reading

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