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This ritual can be used to summon the birds, part 1 one pleasure, part 2 for attack, Part 3 for healing from this attack.


Summon the birds tfor Pleasure

You will need:

The feather of any bird


Your voice

To summon the birds for pleasure, you need to find the feather of any bird. For this example, we will use a bluejay.

Hold the feather out in you hand, and softly, repeat SOFTLY, sing the following song:

Oh birds of Glory Be,

Thine feathered friends i wish to see

Gather round opon my hands

I will not hurt you, please do land.

If this does not work at first, try it with a different tune.


Summon the birds for an attack

To summon the birds for an attack, you will need:

Your voice


Do NOT use this spell without practice. It can go wrong, and if you are in a duel and have not used this spell before, you are in trouble. If you have practiced, then feel free to use it.

To summon the birds for an attack, sing this short song:

Falcons, hawks, and Pheonix

Help me fight mine enemy

It is a short song, as all attack songs should be, but with practice it can work.


healing an attack of the birds

This is rather simple, but still requires a small bit of practice.

Mix a stew of:




and Peppermint.

Stew in boiling water until the scent feels calming.

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