Good Spirit Oil Summoning

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This special ritual will begin to draw good spirits into your life that will help you in subtle ways over the next weeks and months.

STEP 1: Setup your altar, but do

not light any candles yet.

STEP 2: Blend the essential

oils of anise, basil, frankincense,

lavender, myrrh, and sweet

almond oil. (If you can't find

all of these, it's OK to

blend just 3 of the 5.)

STEP 3: "Dress" (annoint) your

candles with the oil.

STEP 4: Light the candles.

STEP 5: Start some of your favorite

soothing music... it helps to

have something that generates

feelings of happiness, serenity,

creativity, and adventure in you...

(I like Enya.)

STEP 6: Sit calmly at your altar.

Place your palms on your altar.

STEP 7: Gaze at one of your candles,

let it's flame warm your spirit.

STEP 8: Imagine the spirits of

anyone you've lost that meant

something to you... being drawn

to you. (These could be the

same spirits you called on last


STEP 9: Say:

"Spirits of good, I draw you to


These flames call out to thee.

Come to my side, and we'll join

as friends.

Through the days and weeks, it's

love my heart sends."

STEP 10: sit in calm and peace

for as long as you wish. You'll

know when you're done... open

the circle, the ritual is done.

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