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Tips on different types of altars.

There are three general and basic types of altars that can be made: A permanent altar, a portable altar, and a traveling altar. Below, I will go into detail explaining what these are and how you yourself can make some of them.

1)Permanent Altar:

This altar is for your home, outdoor or indoor. But, mostly people make it indoor. If you want to build it outdoor you must make sure all the tools are safe. This type of altar, as the name implies, is permanent and meant for long-usage.

Tips: You can make these altars large, out of wood or stone if you'd like, or buy them from a store.

Permanent altar can have complete tools like athame, wand, boline, chalice, cauldron, etc.

*If you didn't have any nearby witch shops, just make your own, you don't need an expensive fancy tool for ritual or spellcasting*

2) Portable Altar:

This is good for broom closet witch, or you didn't have many place to build an altar, like if you live on small apartment. This type of altar can be easily moved around or placed in smaller areas, like a closet or beneath a bed. It's ideal for someone who wants to be able to move the altar out of the way.


Use box for the table (choose small and simple one), and a scarf or towel as the cloth. You canmake a mini pentacle with cardboard or paper, and choose potpourri to change incense. For gods and goddesses use rock and draw the symbol of triple goddess and horned god (or whichever deities you are working with).For the elements use your imagination, example: earth-pinecone or pebbles, air-feathers, incense or potpourri, water-seashells or cup of water, fire-match or tea candle.

*Athame and wand are not necessary, but just make a simple and small wand if you want, use simple knife for boline.*

3) Travel Altar:

This is a mini and simple altar for traveling, like if you are often go everywhere for business or you are going for a holiday. It's easy to pack up and take with you for rituals-on-the-go.

Tips: Use make-up bag, small bag, or pouch for carrying.Bring 2 candles for esbats,Gods and goddesses representation, a small pentacle and a simple altar cloth. You can make representations of each element, and you should include a match or lighter in this carrying bag.

Sabbat Altar:

There are 8 Sabbat's throughout the year - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon - each represents a different point in the year as well as season. With each Sabbat, the Altar should be decorated accordingly with colours and seasonal plants found at the time. For Samhain, your alter should include Orange, black, gold, silver and white. Apples, pumpkins and gourds are among some of the seasonal foods that should be present.

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