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For defensive combat.

As it turns out, shields are considered to be the easiest way to defend yourself. Shielding is making a barrier with the act of protecting a space, via a circle of energy. When you practice magick on your own you can visualize any form of energetic shield. Use your imagination to create yourself the best one.

Use your visualization skills to visualize the energy of a certain color such as cobalt blue which is good for protection. Think of your favorite place to get energy from and picture the colour you pictured the energy as coming into the shield, strengthening it and making it denser. The stronger you picture your shield being, the stronger it will form. By using visualization/picturing what you want the shield to do for a longer period of time it will be more effective. This is one basic shield out of others you can make. Instead of envisioning the energy bouncing away from the shield, you can visualize the shield absorbing it and converting it to the energy the shield is made of to strengthen it. After working magick it is advisable to again visualize a shield.

Now, how to make the shield replenish itself. Any shield will deteriorate and crumble in time if its not continually re-energized and maintained. If yours is failing, its an indication that a new construct is in order. It depends on how much energy you want to put into its ''construction'' and its maintenance. All it takes is concentration and intent & the will to make it replenish. However, because shields require our attention and acknowledgement, one that is programmed to replenish itself still needs to be recharged in time. Because our energies change and as we grow our shields must grow as well. In time, we may discover a shield of a different kind would serve us better, so change is required. What your limits are is your will to want this to happen and your imagination/visualization skills.

Bubble Shield: making a bubble of energy around yourself and programming it to stop negative energy from passing through it.

Here are 4 basic steps for effective creative visualization to help in shielding :

  1. Set your goal
  2. Create a clear idea or picture(Shield)
  3. Focus on it often
  4. Give it positive energy

Continue to work with this process until you achieve your goal to create yourself the perfect shield.

Another type of Shield is called the Layered Shield. A layered shield is just layers of different types of shields. Most people use it because each shield is better with different things, as such it can handle many more attacks than one by itself. There is also the mirror shield which is a basic bubble shield but it is programmed to deflect any attack back at the attacker.

Other Defensive Strategies includes to make a construct that saps an amount of energy from your opponent equal to what they use to attack you. Program this construct to send that energy to your mirror shield. Programming is imagining threads of energies to be used towards something, that is your goal. You close your eyes and concentrate on it, and then you imagine it protecting yourself. You can also use tactile Visualization to imagine the shield, but also ''feeling.'' it at the same time. You have to ''feel'' the heat and put that feeling in the Shield Advancing your shielding is not an easy task, but it is important. If you stop at the beginner stage you won't be protected. Another way is to imagine a pyramid of gold; through the top it supplies you with pure, cosmic energy, and the golden sides reflect all negativity. Hold the idea of making the shield for as long as possible. The longer you hold it the better it will work. It's important to relax deeply when you are first learning to use creative visualization for your shield. Well, I believe it's ''basic foundation'' that you need to learn about Defensive combat & Shielding. I hope that the lesson had well informed you.

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