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Making oil according to your horoscope

These oils are very useful in rituals when astral candles are used to represents individuals. When it comes to using the astral colors in ritual, there is a difference among several authorities as to the color used. basically, you have a primary color and a secondary color. The famed vooodoo queen Marie Laveau listd the astral colors for those born under the sign of Pisces as blue, the primary color; and green, the secondary color. Another authority suggests the astral color for Pisces as pink, the primary color; and green, white or black, a secondary color. Still another authority gives the color white as the primary color for Pisces, and green as the secondary color. In this instance the basic rule is: whichever authority you place the most confidence in, use their colors for the astral candles as well

In making these oils, use only one herb or flower listed for each of the zodiac signs, following the same technique as given previously

Aries: (March21-April19): Pine, cypress, betony, cowslip, nettles, wormwood,anemone, geranium

Taurus: (April20-May20): Musk, rose, carnation, honeysuckle, violet, saffron, burdock, golden rod, mint, priwinkle, primrose, strawberry, vervain, mallow, jasmine, clover

Gemini: (May21-June21): Yellow rose, jasmien, bayberryu, mastic resin, sandalwood, caraway seed, marjoram, parsley, gladioulus, orchid

Cancer :(June22-July22): Aloe, water lily, hyacinth, all nocturnal flowers, bay leaves, larkspur, cedar,myrtle, cinnamon, poppy, balm, daisy, buckbean, sweet flag, sundew, lotus, agrimony

Leo: (July23-Aug22): Red sandalwood, frankincense, camphor, cassia, clove, golden rod, great celandine, eyebright, goat's rue, chamomile flower, sunflower

Virgo:(Aug23-Sept22) Morning glory,cornfloer, asters, petunias, ctron peel, mace, caraway see, male fer, horehound,lavender, lily, marjoram, snowdrop, narcissus.

Libra:(Sept23-Oct22) Clendula, violet, rose, satinwood, burdock, golden rod, mint, periwinkle, primrose, vervain, pennyroyal, aloe, sandalwood

Scorpio:(Oct23-Nov21): Chrysanthemum, pine, yucca, rosemary, dogwood, anemone, little calendine, nettles, wormwood, basil, vanilla leaf, cypress

Sagittarius:(Nov22-Dec21): Daffodil, narcissus,aster, nutmeg, clove, saffron, pimpernel, cinquefoil(five finger grass), balsam, goat's beard, sage

Capricorn:(Dec22-Jan19): Frankincense, khus khus, carnation, comfrey, dandelion, Iceland moss, flax seed. thistle, sorrel

Aquarius:(Jan20-Feb18): Violets, daffodil, pine, pepperwort, sciatica-wort, comfrey, Iceland moss, flax seed, poppy, southernwood, valerian, absinth, fennel, buttercup

Pisces:(Feb19-March20): Lilac, lilies (including water lilies), clove, nutmeg, carnation, cinquefoil, balsam, sage, dock, pellitory, birthwort

There is an oil called Zodiac Oil which is used to anoint astral candles in ritual. Here we have one oil which can be used for all the zodiac signs, but in this cse, when we are dealing with the different signs, it is better to make the particular oil using and herb or flower associated with the zodiac sign or its own planetary ruler

Once again, use one of the flowers or herbs to make your oil. To make a potent astral candle, simply powder a little bit of another herb given for that sign and mix it in with paraffin of the color for that zodiac sign. Add a wick to it and wehn the paraffin hardens, you will have a better astral candle


rose (main scent) frankincense (main) ginger (minor)
Cedarwood (minor) cinnamon (trace) pine (trace)
Add red jasper or ruby to the bottle

Taurus-light yellow
rose (main) jasmine (main) patchouli (minor)
ylang (minor) thyme (minor) vetiver (minor)
Add rose quartz or emerald to bottle

Gemini-light blue
lavender (main) lemongrass (main) violet (minor)
rose (minor) bergamot (minor) peppermint (trace)
Add aquamarine or beryl to bottle

Virgo-indigo blue
lavender (main) patchouli (main) peppermint (minor)
cypress (minor) verbena (minor) bergamot (minor)
Add carnelian or agate to bottle

Libra-dark crimson
rose (main) rose geranium (main) lavender (minor)
magnolia (minor) violet (minor) marjoram (minor)
Add topaz or opal to bottle

myrrh (main) pine (main) lemon (minor)
gardenia (minor) verbena (minor) cinnamon (trace)
Add garnet or topaz to bottle

clove (main) nutmeg (main) musk (minor)
juniper (minor) rosemary (minor) frankincense (minor)
Add turquoise to bottle

patchouli (main) cypress (minor) vetiver (minor)
pine (minor) jasmine (minor) myrrh (minor)
Add quartz crystal or garnet to bottle

Aquarius-bright blue
lavender (main) patchouli (main) jasmine (minor)
cypress (minor) verbena (minor) vetiver (minor)
Add amethyst to bottle

Pisces-light purple
sandalwood (main) ylang (main) clove (minor)
jasmine (minor) ambergris (minor) patchouli (trace)
Add jade or aquamarine to bottle

Cancer-light green
jasmine (main) lotus (minor) gardenia (minor)
sandalwood (minor) myrrh (minor) camphor (trace)
Add moonstone to bottle

Leo-orange yellow
frankincense (main) sandalwood (minor) orange (minor)
musk (minor) patchouli (minor) cinnamon (trace)
Add tiger's eye or ruby to bottle

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