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lets get creative.....

It is highly recommended that you make your own board and plachette. Therefore it is of you and only your energy. Always Bless your board as you would any of your tools. I suggest if you buy a board that you cleanse and Bless before you use it

Boards can be made with just about anything you can imagine. Canvas, glass, plexiglass, cardboard, wood planks, on old tables or even walls. (I am not suggesting you go out and spray paint your local 7-11 but a private wall or even a floor in your home would not only be functional, but, would add to your decor!) Another few suggestions are that you go to your local thrift store or garage sale etc..... and find old maps and serving trays. They do not have to be rectangular as you have seen in the pictures. (These work wonderfully and are the least expensive way to start.)For those who are inquiring for another (the "sitter"), I have also read of those who have used 26 cards from the Tarot deck, inscribing the numbers and letters on the back, layed out into two semi-circles. As a plachette a borrowed item fron the "sitter" is used... thus receiving messages for the "sitter". The really cool thing is , that after the session the Diviner may then flip the cards over and gives a Tarot reading. Two results for the efforts of one action!!!

As you can see, you are limited only by your imagination and creative skills. If your tastes are more traditional, you are going to want to make your talking board out of wood. This isn't as difficult as it seems and can be a great weekend art project. Choose a wood with an attractive grain like birch, oak or mahogany. A good board size is fifteen by twenty inches and at least a quarter of an inch thick to resist warping. Sand, stain and letter your board then coat it with clear lacquer, enamel or polyurethane

If going for more professional look and your lettering skills aren't the greatest, search out a talented friend or take your design ideas to a sign painter and have it done professionally. If you plan to make more than one board, you might want to experiment with silk screens. Who knows, you may become the next William Fuld. Feel free to adorn your board with images of suns, moons, stars, swamis, or whatever tickles your fancy. There are no rules that you need to follow. careful where you place the board after you use it...

So there you have it. I hope you have enough information to get you started

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