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*mineral salts (table salt if you have no other choice)
*any of these herbs: lavender, hyssop, mint, fennel seeds, lemon grass, basil or thyme
*small cotton drawstring pouch
*bathtub you can soak in
*candles (for ambiance )

Take whatever herbs you've gathered and stuff them in the pouch and close it. Try to imagine charging the pouch with energy of a soothing color; use one that makes you feel safe.

Draw a hot bath at whatever temperature is comfortable for you. While the bath is filling, throw in a handful of the salt. When the tub is done, place the pouch in the water as well. (You may also toss the herbs on top of the water instead of using the pouch)

Now get in the water and let it cover you up to your chin. As the water laps at your body, imagine the herbs are glowing that light back and allowing the water to carry away all the dirt, stress and sickness from your body. Once it has left you it cannot come back to bother you; the salt, water and herbs will take care of it

Soak as long as you need to. When you are done you may take a shower (if you have little herb parts all over) or just dry off

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