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Candles in spells and rituals.

Choosing a color:

Some people will say that candle color does not matter, but others will say that it does. Chose a color corresponding with your desire. Colors may be symbolic of different things, so you may wish to look into the correspondences between certain colors and their meanings to make sure they are similar to your intent.


Then you need to annoint your candle(s) in oil. Olive oil is preffered by many because you can aqquire it easily. Rubbing from center of candle to outter ends. Any type of oil you prefer will work.

The Spell:

You don't need an enormous complicated spell to get what you want. To create your own spell simply think up a simple little rhyme pertaining to what you want. Do some visualization (maybe thinking of an image of getting fancey with a physical picture and burning it to attache it to the spell) either is good. Always write your new spell down, begin your own BoS (book of shadows) and share with others if you wish.

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