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Ophioglossum- and information about the herb.

Other names:Dog-tooth violet, Lamb's tongue, Snake leaf, Serpent's tongue, Adder's mouth.

Parts used: It may vary from the whole herb, to just the bulb or leaves.

Uses: Traditionally used for healing. It can be wrapped in cloth and applied to wounds, as it is said to be good for stopping bleeding/fixing ulcers.

Associated with: Dreams, healing, water/lunar magick.


To make a tea from the herb, take one tsp. of fresh leaves/ 2 tsp. of fresh root and add them to one cup of boiling water. Give it time to sit and soak for a moment. A daily dose of this is only one cup.

If you wish to make a poultice, or a soft mass to rub on yourself, you will need to use the leaves. If you wish to use something else, such as the roots, you may need to soak them or boil them to get the needed consistency. Apply where needed as often as you wish.

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