Full Moon Ritual #1

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This is a very powerful ritual. I have had great results from this. If done correctly, the presence of the Lady can be strongly felt!

You will need:

-Two white candles

-A bell -Wine or lunar liquid

-Your chalice (or cup) 

-Spell material if you are doing something afterwards. 

Cast your circle. Stand before the altar facing North and say:

"This is the time of the full moon, a time of great power for positive manifestation, a time of increasing and gaining. The tide of Moon-power is strong. I am of the Goddess. I stand before You at Your altar, in love and adoration. Be with me Goddess. Let me feel your presence here tonight."

Go to the east with the bell. Ring it once and say:

"Hail Selene. Help me feel the Lady's power and presence within my mind."

Go to the South. Ring the bell once and say:

"Hail Cerridwen. Help me feel the Lady's power and presence within my spirit."

Go to the West. Ring the bell once and say:

"Hail Athene. Help me feel the Lady's power and presence within my emotions."

Go back to the North. Ring the bell once and say:

"Hail Aphrodite. Help me feel the Lady's power and presence in my body."

You will probably have an amazing wave of feelings come over you. Let them sink into your body and soul. When you are ready, return the bell to the altar, turn to the North, and raise your arms high above your head. Say:

"Hail Goddess! Moon Mother, Lady of Light, Mistress of Magick and Animals. You are the white light of the Moon upon the Earth, the brilliant rays of sun upon life. You are the beginning and ending, the One who creates and takes away. Within You, I see myself and all woman. In this time, You come to me and fill me with your presence."

Communicate with Her now. Tell Her your problems, wishes and anything you wish to tell her. When you are finished say: "All honor and love to the wonderful Goddess, for She is the power behind all powers, the Goddess behind all gods, the Eternal Life behind death. I see Her loving face within the moon and rejoice. All Hail Queen of the heavens and the earth, the eternal on of Wisdom!" Raise the chalice to toast her and say: To Diana and all the Goddesses!" Now is the time for divination, meditation, and spell work of any kind. Close the circle when done.

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Sep 02, 2021
how to close the circle ??

Sep 05, 2021
I think they got their terminology mixed up. You close the circle at the beginning of the ritual [creating a sacred space where you are protected and can commune with spiritual beings] at the end, you open the circle [taking down your protection and returning the space to it's normal energetic state] Either way, you do everything counterclockwise. Starting in the north [since it's the point you stopped when closing the circle] thank the Goddess for being present, and wish her safe travels, then go to the west, thank the Goddess and wish her safe travels, then to the south, repeat, and east, repeat. All the while, visualize the circle you cast vanishing and returning to nature.

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