Cultivating Water Energy

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A simple meditation with water and its energy.


  • A small container with water (optional)
  • A quiet area
  • Candles (optional)


First, begin by finding a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Make sure this is a space where you feel at peace and relaxed. This will be your sacred space. Sit in a comfortable position in this area. If candles help you to relax or feel secure, light a few candles of your choice. Start to relax.

If you have brought a container with water, move the container in front of you. Relax again, this time closing your eyes. If it helps to clear your thoughts, try a breathing technique. Breathe in for four, then exhale for four. Continue doing this until you no longer have any other thoughts.

Now imagine water (either the water you have placed in front of you, or an imaginary source of water if you have not brought any). In your thoughts, picture yourself touching the water with only your fingertips. Try to imagine the feel of it on your fingers. If you have brought water, gently dip your fingers into it. Try to feel the energy from the water as you continue breathing and relaxing. Do this until you become fully relaxed again.

Then, imagine the water slowly moving up your arms, creating a tingling sensation through your body as it moves. Once you have done this, and imagined the water moving all over, picture yourself submerged in the water. You should feel light like water itself. As you breathe in, picture yourself taking in the energy from the water. As you exhale, picture yourself releasing the energy you have taken in. Breathe in and out like this for several minutes.

Continue this meditation for as long as you like. A suggestion period would be about ten minutes. When you are done, simply imagine yourself out of the water and remove your finger tips from the water you have brought with you.

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