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This is a meditation that is a variant on the one described in D.J Conway's Mystical Dragon Magick. The introduction and closing are credited in part to her.

Begin by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself surrounded by brilliant white light. Let the light fill your mind, imagining it surrounding you. Relax until you feel light and comfortable.

Let the light dissipate until you can see a well in front of you. If anything is bothering you, drop it into the well and let it fade into the darkness. Once you are done, walk away from the well.

Feel yourself step off into the darkness of space and time, but do not fear it, as it will carry you to your chosen place. Let yourself drift through the astral, your spirit pulling you to a draconic meeting place.

The light will then return, revealing lands of many types: volcanic wastelands, barren deserts, quiet beaches, and endless grassy plains. Dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colors walk and fly all around. An elegant blue chair sits in front of you, at the center of all these lands. Take your seat, and reach out with your heart to the dragons around you. One will feel as though you know them, from another time and place. It is a warm, pleasant feeling in your heart. Call out to them, and wait for them to arrive. This will be one you need to speak with, to find out how you should proceed towards working with dragon kind.

When you are done, respectfully part ways with the dragon, get up from the chair, and walk back the way you came. Let the white light come to you once more. As it consumes you, begin to move your physical body slowly- hands, fingers, toes, until you feel grounded in our world once again.

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