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My way of developing unique energy with great power.

First of all the more emotion and belief you put into energy the stronger it is. Emotions are altered by thoughts which also battle it out for the reigning thought that you think. The rest of your thoughts form (along with other things) your subconscious. So this is what you do, first of all rid yourself of all emotion by meditating or doing whatever you wish. Secondly Bring up the emotion required by latching on to it and pulling a large amount of it into you. Feed that emotion into the energy and back your emotion with firm belief that you should latch onto and drag up as well. To imagine dragging each up, imagine it as a colour and pull it up with all your might. Now once you have done this insert all your emotional power into the energy and you have a super charged energy. Advanced: To take it to the next level fuse opposite energies together as well for these are powerful mixes. Then do the above technique. Hold onto the energy and then put the belief into this as well (drag it up as above and fuse it with the energy). Then make then condense the energy into a small ball making all the power fit in it but not so small so that the ball is unstable. Then enlargen the ball and as it grows bigger imagine it gaining more power and sucking it out of the very air. Next step is the fun part "Do as thou wilt" with the energy. I am not responsible if you are harmed in attempting the advanced working or any of my workings or spells/rituals that I am going to put up.

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