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About the elements, covers direction, time of day, etc...

Connected Concepts of Elemental Attributions:

Air: Part of Self: Thought, Intellect. Witches' Pyramid: To Know Part of Process: Beginning, originating idea Time of Day: Dawn Season: Spring Direction: East Part of Plant: Seed.

Fire: Part of Self: Will, life force. Witches' Pyramid: To Will Part of Process: Empowerment, growth, taking action, transformation Time of Day: Noon Season: Summer Direction: South Part of Plant: Sprout.

Water: Part of Self: Emotions, the subconscious. Witches' Pyramid: To Dare Part of Process: Becoming, intuition, "evolution," risk taking Time of Day: Sunset Season: Fall Direction: West Part of Plant: Sap.

Earth: Part of Self: Physical Body Witches' Pyramid: To Remain Silent Part of Process: Completion, result, "having" Time of Day: Midnight Season: Winter Direction: North Part of Plant: Harvested plant (food). Sources: The way of four, By Deborah Lipp.

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