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Original Post:
by: User440942 on May 26, 2016

Could you just pull a quick tarot card for me?for free?
and I too resonate with it deeply as it happens with me too.

Can you pull a quick tarot card for me...for free?

It happens all the time. A stranger, someone I have never met or worked with before, sends me an email or comments on one of my social media platforms with this:

?Can you do me a huge favor and just pull a tarot card for me??

Sometimes the request comes with a sob story. Other times, it?s more sly ? a plea to ?interpret a reading? that they or someone else did that left them ?so confused.?

9 out of 10 times it?s a question centering around ?will he come back.? The other time, it?s ?what is my future? type stuff. There is never an attempt to get to know me beforehand. There is never offer of payment either.

Can you understand what this might feel like on my end? If you provide a service (yes, tarot is a service), then you might know. If you don?t, let me illustrate how this might look:

Imagine if I went to my dentist and asked him to ?just polish one tooth.? Or what might it look like if I ask the plumber to ?just unclog one sick quickly?. Or let?s say I go to a restaurant and request that the waitress ?just give me a couple of fries?on the house.? Icky, right? I would never do that, not in a million years.

It?s because I respect people?s time and skills. I like to pay people for their work. It feels good and it?s an equal exchange of energy. They work, I pay. Simple as that. The world works better when we value people and their work.

I want my time and skill respected too. Because guess what, freebie seekers? It takes energy to do tarot readings. There is no ?quick card.? I still need to center myself and tune in if I want to deliver a good reading.

If you?re someone who is considering reaching out to a professoinal tarot reader for a freebie, think twice before you send that request.

Instead, use Google to find free tarot reading services.

Hope I'm not offending anyone.Just wished to express my views.