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Original Post:
by: GlamxRose on Jun 12, 2014

I've taken a hiatus from magic mainly because my dad was being so RUDE about me doing magic and became obsessed with it. I've since started again but haven't told him although.... i'm sure he will find out again. Yea he will cus the spell is in the freezer. Anyways... that's another story.

I've learned a lot since i stopped doing magic and although what drove me to do this spell was probably not a good reason to do so well, i've learned more and i know freezer spells CAN'T harm people. I'm doing this one because a girl was being rude to me for not being racist and said all sorts of rude stuff. I just want her to atleast apologize and realize she was wrong. Yea i'm not very symphathetic towards people anymore, and i wouldn't mind if something worse happened to her. I'm just going to leave it at that. Anyone know how long it will take to work? I'm sure i did it right this time.