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Original Post:
by: mooner1111 on Jul 17, 2015

you ask i will tell you 5 fimes ?!? yes it works but to teach some one to become this one must belive with no dought at all you will not be able to transfrom your self by your self this it takes pera thought and 3 to six othere that have the same thought as , only two can give this great power only 4 can chance us at any time three are good one is eveil , this world is the test world if you chance or chance others will determen where you will go in the end this IS why it is better to as someone to help to give what thay are asking for too happen themself or otheres be very carful what you ask for be very clear how you ask what when where how be sure !!!
i have died two times hopefuly the theird will be a charm i ask for help it is much better to ask