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Original Post:
by: Todsh on Dec 12, 2013

Iam a freelancer journalist from Brazil who lives in UK. Iam 35 years old woman, completely broken and goes thought a lot of difficult times in life, anyway for several time I was told somebody did a spell for me, that is why my life doesn't work. My life is a mess in all senses, right now I even don't have money to buy a toothpaste , I survive by my parents help, and some few friends help. I don't have a boyfriend,Iam not ugly but men seem interesting in me only for sex, as Iam most of the time facing a difficult times some friends get rid of me, nobody want to be beside somebody who has problems all the time. I went to some physic helps but it seems only the bad bit they say happen. Right now, Iam lost, depressed, completely broken, unloved and asking every day what am I doing in this planet. I don't use any kind of drugs, don't eat meat, work hard to make my name in media , but nothing absolutely nothing good happens. Could you in some way help me? Iam conscious I have potential, a people around me always say, but things don't work for me. I see people around me doing any effort and getting things , while me even don't have money to pay for my pubic transport, I live in a tiny room and do my best to be happy even in the middle of the chaos, but now it seems the end for me. Help me? Thanks,