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Original Post:
by: Lady_Fafen on Nov 19, 2013

At some point in our lives, we question everything. Either "How does the universe work?" or "What is everything made out of?" I myself have questioned things, "What if fiction, isn't so fiction? What if it was a tale hiding the truth in a made up story?" The point is that you question it. Unfortunately, most will wander aimlessly through life, never understanding the things that they question. The answer is literally in front of their eyes but yet it goes so easily unseen.

To answer this age old question, everything is made out of vibrating molecules also known as energy. These molecules vibrate at different speeds creating friction, then in return the friction creates heat. The fastest of these vibrating molecules are combustive from the amount of friction they produce and the end product of the combustion is fire. Fire is hot, that is a given but the molecules friction is the reason that it is hot. Its very basic physics.

So why can't everything be seen? That also is a very simple explanation. The molecules create images because related molecules group together and while unrelated molecules space out creating nothing. Hence the reason for air and a place that is like outer space containing no air. All of this is information that you need to know before you could ever consider to manipulate energy. Because, how can you change what you don't know? That is like an elementary child trying to solve a college professors work.

To manipulate the energy, you have to start with the basic steps. How can you move what you can't feel? You simply can't. Over the few years that I have spent in the pagan paths and now Satanism that I am truly dedicated to, I have developed a very simple way to start energy manipulation. At first its not a "piece of cake". It is something that may take years to master the full aspect of but you can't just run into it.

1.) Sit up or in a comfortable position.
2.) Take in the space around you and remember it in exact detail.
3.) Close your eyes and take deep breaths.
4.) Make yourself feel as if you are physically touching each item that you can vividly remember the way it was. It helps if you are in a familiar setting. But challenge yourself, walk to a place that you have never seen before and try this. It will be a way that you can advance with this.

That is the very basic steps. You are just feeling instead of doing. When you have this mastered you can move onto more advanced ways. Such as, holding a spoon or something made of metal and feel its energy. You can feel yourself physically bending the spoon without ever touching it. I am using that as an example. No I am not saying that telekinesis is simple as 1...2...3... BOOM! because its not. When you do start to notice the feeling of the different energies, its a major ego boost from knowing that your hard work is paying off. Don't get a "big head" because you can feel energy, after all I can only help those who help themselves.

With energy manipulation and once you know how to preform it, who's to say that you can walk through a wall? Because all it is, is similar molecules vibrating at the same speed. *Note* I am not advising anyone to run into a wall, you are probably going to hurt yourself. Nor am I saying that you will be some kind of "super hero" and you can save the world because you can feel energy.