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Original Post:
by: Samkeith on Mar 31, 2018

Hey I'm new to this website and I am looking for a group of something in particular to blessings and blessing life I seek attention from those spellcasters or whatever you want to call it I want to see a future with that I do not know actually if there is a reason for the blessing idea.. Like persay life has more to become but I like it. I was seeking more of a group like a meditative vision group like receiving visions from the smoke or a smoke vision group meet people that want to receive visions from the smoke but yeah there is many ideas for that group I wished one time that I could meet people that would do that with me man I love that stuff man hope we get along I am a person to talk to about magic but no witches for good reason and trust but not to offend anyone what I am talking about most likely pertains to communicate with you and understand the best way I can I guess hell no about this new year and how I care for spring.. But yeah goodbye for now till we meet again