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Original Post:
by: Ambee89 on Nov 25, 2016

Hi I'm new here. Every since I been to Louisiana I had have a strang felling that something was calling to me or trying to get my attention. As a agnostic atheist I my thoughts have been like I don't really believe in gods. But I do believe in aliens and certain stuff(please don't judge me). I do believe in positive and negative energy. With a strong will something may happen. I may sound like a poser or a crazy/dumb person but I genuinely feel that something or have been drawing my attention to witchcraft and magic and not because I was in Louisiana, the place where you hear about the home place for voodoo and other magic stuff. That wasn't in my mind till I reached Baton Rouge all of a sudden. I may be a nerd who wish aliens, fantasy, and magic is real. I know better to know that reality will slap me in the face. I usually don't say this stuff because I know I be laughed at or be judged on. I also know when I need to stay out my imagination world and to stay in reality.

I'm really trying hard to explain what I'm wanting to say. It's hard to explain it over the web. But to make my point clear, I think some kind of magic may be real. Not like I'm fantasy and stuff like that. But will with the mind and energy from around you. I want to practice spells. I want to find out what is reaching out to me. I know it might be a long shot but I do think that learning spells can help you with your mind physical and mentally to give you positive energy to go another your day and life. I would love to buy genuine spellbook. Not some crap people try to sell you just to fool you.