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Original Post:
by: magicmariah on May 25, 2014

Hey guys I'm Haylee and I'm pretty new to all this. I've been studying Wicca off and on for a few years (Cause sometimes I'd get confused and drop it for a little while) My best friend is actually Wiccan though. Really everything about this religion intrigues and excites me. I dunno I think its the fact that its so confusing and that you can personalize your beliefs instead of most religions where its just "here this is what you believe because it is what we believe" Wicca is more "You can believe whatever you want as long as you are not hurting anyone or anything" Oh and a bit of personal info I am currently 14 and I started getting into Wicca and Paganism when I was around 11. So yea that's about it. I really look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about Wicca so talk to you later.