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Original Post:
by: Andromeda88 on Dec 08, 2017

Hello all, I have been a member here for awhile and I don't usually go out of my way to ask for help, but I have been under attack for years now when it comes to a certain event that occured to me about 20 years ago.

I don't know how to explain these things that have been happening to me especially in a paragraph, but the fact remains I know I have been being attacked for approximetely for 20 years and for many of those years I believed it to be just me, but I have reason to believe and know that my loved ones are being attacked too!

What I would like to know is if someone may have some advice or info about how to fight something you cannot see. I know that the attacks have been for the most part 'Black Magic,' and the reasons I believe I am being attacked I would like to remain secret at least for now. Please someone, anyone come fourth and help me out with some info at least. The attacks are so severe against me that I not only suffer physical pain from these attacks, extreme pain of many kinds; I even know that these people mean to do me harm and of course cause me to committe sucide. I have sought mental help about this through the years and the sad part is that they really don't believe me. But now it is going to my family, in particular the man I love.

Also, I want to leave the country, but I am afraid of it causing harm to my family/the man I love and in fact following me... Please help, I am losing hope and belief in even human kind.