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Original Post:
by: Lightning2 on Dec 20, 2015

This was my last dream. I layed down to take a nap. After a while I woke up but couldn't sleep so I layed still.

After a while I was at a dream but I didn't know I was dreaming. I was looking out the window and it was bright, then I looked back in and everything were going darker and darker, so I closed my eyes. Then I was in the dream and openned them and I was seing everywhere white glimpses and white colour and lights, the room was really full of them! Then I was getting real vibration for astral projection, and wasn't able to seperate.

So since I wasn't able to I woke up. This proccess hapoened about three times. And the same dream all the time. Looking out the window, it was bright, looking back in, everything completely dark, closing my eyes, open them and these white lights Everywhere. Then vibrations...

Now, the 3rd and last time, I tried to seperate but didn't make it. But I felt I was seperating but it was in a dream. Then I was astral projecting in the dream, I tried to touch a wall to see if my hand were passing inside. It didn't! So I thought it was physical world. I also wasn't able to see my body in the dream. I layed back and woke up.

This has happened again. I got vibrations, and for some reason I tried to seperate from my third eye. I did it but in the dream again. And again, I had physical touch in the dream (my hand didn't pass the wall) and wasn't able to see dream body. Also I then thought it was physical reality.

I would be glad if someone can explain me this whole story. Thank you everyone.