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Original Post:
by: PsychicCrow6 on Oct 19, 2014

Hi I'm PsychicCrow but you can just call me psych. I've been on this site for a while but i just created an account cuz my friend told me this sorta parable as advice.

There were 2 friends sitting together under a tree. One friend saw a bee's nest hanging from one of the branches and said "Watch this! Im going to throw a rock at that nest up there!"

The wiser friend said "That's a bad idea. You WILL get stung."

"No watch, this'll be cool" the friend replied.

"If you throw that rock your only result will be pain." Said the wiser friend.

"Nah, I'll be fine" said the foolish friend. The wiser one decided it was best to just walk away. The foolish friend threw the rock. The nest fell and broke on the ground and the nest broke freeing a swarm of angry bees ready for revenge.

The fool now realizing the mistake now saw that the friend was right. Now he knew to heed his friends words.

His friend returned with a first aid kit ready to treat the bee stings. The sing covered friend now learned to head his friends advise and should be looked up to for not abandoning his stupid friend.

As he was treating the stings the once wiser friend said "I told you so". The injured friend no longer wanted to take his friend's advice.