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Original Post:
by: ShadowBonder on May 09, 2014

Since I was about 10 I've been seeing strange things mainly shadows I see them mpve talk, and even hide my stuff.... mainly sharp items like my knives (I cpllect vary of knives for the designs) It's been getting worse lately to the point I can talkto them and they'll respond... or if i'm crying they will hold me :/. A friend of mine says I have a special gift but doesn't know what its called. For the longest time I had this one weird figure follow me I just called him Daemon and he'd protect me. A old past friend broke my heart and I told him if he doesn't stop Daemon woll become angry and next thing I know the lights went out and he started screaming saying a black do with red eyes leaped on him. I still hear and see things but I ignore them. Should I keep ignoring them or try and communicate with them?