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Original Post:
by: MahtziDex on Jul 29, 2013

This was an understanding passed on by my spirit guide to see how a view of the creation. There first came darkness for empty space was needed to create. Then came light, as many creation stories say, this I consider the first movement. Now if you look at how sacred geometry progresses from the first circle you now have the duality. A veseca picese, both having a common middle ground but differences being just a filter for source (the supreme god) The two sides male female, light dark, good evil. These sides were at peace neither having more control over the other. Now at the third movement came the three forces, we can even see this in the qabalah the 3 sepheria from source (the supreme goddess if you will), creation life and destruction. This is when the sides started vying for power over the other. There was a great war as many say and thousands of travesties untold. This is when source spoke and to stop the war source shifted again this time creating time and ressonance, this was a way to keep both sides in check and record their doings for witness to all. This also gave darkness the law to give structure to the universe for there was more being the first created unintentionally (not really any more powerful than light just more) light was given the power to give life. Through further movements we get the four basic elements and the manifestation of the physical universe. Eventually leading to us. Here and now.

I would like opinions