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Name: IrisRose00
Birthday: Jul 1 2000
Location: North Carolina
Gender: Female
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I identify as pagan, and as a witch. Myself and my fiance are very interested in Norse paganism as we both have ancestry involving Vikings, etc. If anyone has information regarding Norse paganism feel free to share. I plan to start doing my own research soon as well.

A little about me:

Jessica. 18. In a relationship. Working towards an Associates in Arts.
I enjoy Photography, Learning and Teaching, and Library Science.
I am still a beginner in the craft, but I am very open to learning more.
Feel free to message me, but please have a subject other than "hi".

I also do tarot readings through PayPal and email $3/5.

Inbox me for more information if you like.

My Chakra Test: 2/18/2019

Root:under-active (-25%)

Sacral:open (44%)

Navel:under-active (-12%)

Heart:open (31%)

Throat:open (38%)

Third Eye:open (25%)

Crown:open (38%)