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Name: IrisRose00
Birthday: Jul 1 2000
Location: North Carolina
Gender: Female
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Status Update: Honestly, not doing great. Playing the waiting game with everything is really taking a toll on me ... One day at a time is super stressful when your body is left in last week and your mind is thinking lifetimes ahead.

A little about me:

My name is Jessica. I am 20. I have been interested in witchcraft since 2013, but still, consider myself a 'baby witch' as school and my health issues take priority over studying the craft. I have several health issues and disabilities that keep me from daily living, but being able to work with my craft has helped my mental and spiritual health tremendously.


Studies: (Currently studying basics)

  • Kitchen Witch - I enjoy learning about herbalism, essential oils, making my own, etc.
  • Divination - I am still learning but I enjoy numerology as I am a math geek, and of course, Tarot. I want to get into skrying eventually.
  • General - As I said, while I have been interested and following a spiritual path since 2013, I am still a 'baby witch'. I am still learning what I consider basics.


Feel free to message me with whatever questions you may have and I will try to help you in the right direction.

Please have a subject other than "hi", that is meaningful and has to do with your topic.

Good subjects are "Merry Meet", "Question: Subject" < "Question: Herbalism" - Things like that.


My Chakra Test: 2/18/2019

Root:under-active (-25%)

Sacral:open (44%)

Navel:under-active (-12%)

Heart:open (31%)

Throat:open (38%)

Third Eye:open (25%)

Crown:open (38%)