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Name: Moonlark
Birthday: May 4 1998
Location: Unknown
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Jul 2024
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Feel free to check my old account it's typed a bit messy because of an old glitch but it's fairly readable the account name is Silverpearl
My name Is Colby Reaves but you can call me moonlark
I am interested in transdimensional and other gateway's
I enjoy practicing umbrakinesis Photokinesis solarkinesis
Lunarkinesis aerokinesis also aura gia and synergy
Manipulation mind over matter speaking to other worldy
Beings such as a higher power demons angels the dead and etc
And summoning spirit wepons and sprit gaurdian
I also have a spirit guide named Sarobeires
I am in in studying any Fields of magic as long they don't involve negative aftermath effects
I would also be interested in looking in to see my Celtic heritage mythical creatures and somehow join the wolves of ossery by gaining some minor/major attributes
My favorite cartoons Pokemon and mlp fim
My favorite anime Naruto and dragon ball
Favorite song artist synthis the brony band his music is amazing
And my favorite food steak and shrimp
Favorite dessert fudge I also enjoy playing Nintendo switch