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Original Post:
by: Create on Dec 05, 2014

Well I have been trying to ap for a couple of years without sucess. I have only reached vibration state 3 times.

I was thinking that it must be something wrong with me but I still stay patience. But a week ago I decided to try ap after smoking cannabis.

My first reaction was wow. I reached the vibrational state so fast that I almost got schocked did not even need to use a method I could feel my astral body separating from my physical body, I could see my self separating it was like I could see my astral body floating up from my body but then something happened. I think that because of me inducing cannabis it made me feel scared when I saw all that. It happened so quick and then I was back to my physical body and also opened my eyes by reaction. It made me so mad.

How can I successfully ap without the need to induce cannabis?
Should I try it again after smoking?