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Original Post:
by: Alexwegs on Mar 22, 2011

From my understanding, Witchcraft and Wicca are to entirely different things. Many people referred to it as "You can be Wiccan and a witch but no the other way around". That being said, there is one factor I would appreciate is someone could clarify for me. witchcraft, as I know, is the worship and admiration of nature and things divine. Now, after I've done a little research of my own, It appears that Wicca, however similar in belief, is much more widely "fertility" based. Is this true? I am unsure of what is to be said for current wicca belief, but it was tradition to sleep with the preist if you are the initiated priestess and vice versa. Is this fact? Does it still stand today? Basically, I'm asking, would any reality wiccan's consider your belief's to be slightly sexual based? I am purely curious, and I very much hope I have not put any negative connotations on either side. :)