Enchantment Spells

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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Enchantment Spells

These spells should not be confused with the enchanting spells. Where enchanting spells enchant others to fall in love with you, enchantment spells enchant items.

Depending on the type of item enchanted and the spell chosen, the effects and strengths of the spells will vary. An item will usually remain enchanted until a remove enchantment spell is cast upon it.

More Free Enchantment Spells

Fail Proof Staff-Enchantment
Hair Moisturizing Potion
Invoke the Three Power
Luna Charm
Make His Mom Accept You
Mind Expansion
Opposite Shrink
Piercing The Veil
Potion Of Power
Protection Powder
Seal of Protection
Solar Eclipse: Super Charging
Speed Hypnosis
Stone of Protection
Summon a Dragon Familiar ||
The Binding of Azazel
Tickling Socks
Transfer Energy to an Object
Writers Block
Activating Charms
Anti-sunlight Barrier
Astral Travel Powder
Bless a Pen
Blessing a St Michael medal
Cat Protection Bag
Charge a Wand
Charming an Item for Good Luck
Circle of Protection
Come Back To Me
Consecrate an Amulet
Control an Element
Create A Healing Mirror
Create an Angelic Servant
Create Sea Water
Crystal Magick (Air)
Dragon Charm
Element finding spell
Enchanting Book of Shadows
Fayrie Sugar
Florida Water
Garden Spell
Have a Siren's Voice
How to Bless a Wand or Staff
How to Make a Staff
Kiba's Realm Creation Guide
Love Salad Spell
Luck 'Round the Wrist
Make Consecrated Water
Making Your Own Spell
Memory Enhancement Charm
Ocean Aamulet Enchantment
Protect an Object
Protective Necklace
Sanctifying of the Moon
Sheilding your Book of Shadows
Sphere of Obscurement
Spirit Sight
Summon Anything You Want
Sweet Disengagement
The Aid of Earth
To Bless a Sword/Weapon
To Find the Truth
Turn Someone into a Werebeast
Mind Of A Frog
1825 English Love Spell
A Lucky Charm
A Spell to bring Somone Close
Achieve Mermaid powers
Agility spell
An Earth Charm
Angel of Fires Chant
Angel Wing Protection
Animal transformation
Anti-negativity Satchel
Any Spell Works
Aquarius oil
Avian/Angel/Whatever Wings
Basic Circle Magick casting
Basic Pryokinesis
Be a Witch
Become a Black Wizard
Become a Fairy
Become a Magical Creature
Become a Necromancer
Become An Animal
Become Beautiful
Become Whatever
Better Reflexes
Binding Spell
Black Mirror Scrying
Bless a Magical Pen
Bless a Pen
Blessed Water
Blood Ink
Book of Shadows Blessing
Bring a Stuffed Animal to Life
Bring Enemy To Justice Chant
Candy charm
Cat Curse
Cat Shifting
Change Cup Size
Change the color of an egg
Charge a crystal
Charge Cards
Charge for Spellwork
Charm for Inner Strength
Cherry Inflation
Cleansing a Quartz Crystal
Command Others
Create Your Wand
Crystal Protection Charm
Dampen power
Decie Shield
Deflect Dark Magic
Divination Charm
Don't Touch
Dr. Kees Locator
Dragon Clothing
Dragon Sunset
Dragon's Armor
Earth Armor
Easy Werewolf Spell
Elemental Invocation
Enchant a Book
Enchant an amulet
Enchant Any Item
Enchant Object
Energy Tea
Enhancing Confidence
Eternal Flame Love Spell
Exchange Gifts
Faerie Spell
Fashionista's Enchant
Female giant
Find What Is Lost
Fire Charm
Fix a Flaw
Flying Spell
Gemstone/Crystal Elixir
Get a Spirit or Animal Guide
Get Luck, Love or Money
Get Wings
God spell(must try)!!
Good Luck Charm Empowerment
Good Singing Voice
Green Eye Spell
Grow Wings
H2O Mermaid Spell
Healing spell
Holy Dagger
How to Consecrate a Book
How to Make a Wand/Staff
How to Write a Spell
Increase Your Will Power
Invocations chapter 1
Invoking Skill
Jewelry Enchantment
Ki Ball
Leo Oil
Lock a Door
Love Charm
Love powder/incense
Love spell potion
Luck of Gods
Lucky Charm or Jewelry
Magic Water
Magnifecent Day
Make A Lucky Coin
Make a Wand
Make a Wand
Make Someone constantly Think
Make your Familiar
Making a Charm
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Mermaid or merman spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid spell really works!
Midnight Wolf
Mind Reader
More Money
Nail Polish Mermaid Spell
Nephalem Spell
Nightmare Fog Shield
Observe From a Tree
Opening the Inner Eye
Past Spell
Patron Charm
Perfect Attraction
Photogenic Love
Play Songs Better
Portkey or Object to Portal
Power to You
Prayer to the Norns
Prophetic Dreams
Protection for pets
Protection Spell
Psi Crystal
Psychic Enhancement Potion.
RainBow Candle Spell
Receive Witch Powers
Return to Me
Robot Transformation
Sand to water spellArietis
Seal Emotions in Items
Seeing Auras
Senses Blessing
Sex Spell
Shade Blade
Shadows Blessing
Simple Blessing
Simple Luck Spell
Singing Voice
Song of Storms
Speed Up Time
Spell to Attract Men
Spell to become a mermaid
Spell to Gain Powers
Sport Mind Control
Stomach Ache!
Stop depression
Strong Plant Growing Spell
Summon an Animal or Creature
Sun I Seek You
Switch Body Spell
Teleport to Any Place
The 14 Chakras
The Beautiful Voice Spell
The dreamcatching
The Soul
Three Nights of Hell
To Contact a Spirit
To Extinguish Fire
To make it snow
To Sumon a Fairy
Tree Spirit
Truth Spell
Turn into a Dog
Unlimited wishes
Vampire spell
Vanilla Anti-anxiety Chant
Voodoo Magick
Walk on Water
Wand Enchantment
Warn Against Negativity
Water Control
Weretoaster Transfiguration
Who They Really Are
Winx Club Spell
Witch Garden Blessing
Witches Besom
Wolf Spell
Wolf Transformation
X Curse
A Blessing
Air Enchantment
Angel of Waters Chant
Animal Chat Chant
Book Protection
Candle Magick
Chant for Making Spells
Charm of The Yellow Rose
Clairvoyance Spell
Control an Element
Control Wind
Create a Spellbook.
Crush on Me
Dark Protection
Dream a dream
Duality Charm
Elemental Amulet: Fire
Empowerment of Nature
Enchant an Item Spell
Enchant Item for Luck
Enchantment for Anything
Five-Knot Elemental Blessing
Forget Me Not
Gain the Dark Arts
Gender Coin Curse
Good Grades
Grass Touch
Happiness Enchantment
Helper Necklace
Illusion of Height
Latin Spirit Summoning
Life of Peace
Lonely Day Spell
Love Ring Spell
Lucky Charm
Magic Candles
Make a Moon Ring
Making a Charm
Memory Rock
Mermaid and merman spell
Moon Kissed Luck
Natural Clensing Scrub
Pheonix warmth spell
Power of the Elements
Protect an Object
Protection Bubble
Protection Spell
Ressurection Meditation
Rock Creation
Salty Seawaves Spray
Simple Love
Simple Runes
Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams
Sport gear enchantment
Summon a God or Goddess
Switching Bodies
Taking Magick Away
The Circle Binding Ceremony
The Medium
To Attract The Little Ones
To Find Answers
To Grow Wings
Toy Alive
True Love
Unseen For This Time
Water Enchantment
Wiccan Rede
Book of Shadows Blessing and Binding Spell
Dark Side: Conceration of an Amulet
Energizing a Quartz Crystal for Future Use
Incantation for a Wonderful Suprise
Necklace/bracelet good luck charm
Protection/Luck Necklace Enchantment
Solar Eclipse: Solar Lunar Water
Blessing Water with The Power of the Moon
Incantation to Empower a Healing Amulet or Charm
Vampire Spell (WARNING: No Turning Back)
About iadians and how to become one.(works)
Be a Fresh or Saltwater Mermaid
Break the Bond of Love (Potion)
Cleaner Enviroment (Only for you)
Easy Protection Charm for Beginners
Energy of the Night Upon an Object
How to become a Satan Worshipper
Immortality and Element Control
Protection charm (Long distince)
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Spell to become a witch/warlock
The Gift Of Diana: Letting Go of Past Sorrow
The Loud House personality spell
To Bond with Witches of the Past
Change Your Enemy into Anything
Increase Illusion Effectiveness
Mermaid Spell That Will Work (SummerLove)
Reverse spell for becoming a god/goddess
To See What Supernatural You Are
a good voodoo doll
become a mermaid
how to make your own iadian 1
become a vampire
wolf shape shifting spell by wolfavatar12
Fixing a LED Flashlight
H20 Mermaid Spell
Inflate with Goo
Long Distance Enchantment
Lust and Burning Desire
Mermaid Powers Spell
Moon Charm
Poetic Inspiration
Powerful Sigils Awakener
Pumpkin Spell
Soul Door
Spell for love in New Moon.
Strawberry Ink
Summon Beauty from Within
The Spell of the Shell
To Attract Love
Werewolf Bite
A Healing Enchantment
Activating Your Powers
Artemis Song
Awaken your Magic
Bless An Item
Calming Spell
Change Personality and Traits
Choosing a Magical Name
Cloud One's Thoughts
Come To Me Quick
Consecrate an Object
Create a Familiar
Create a Storm
Create Magical Charm
Creating an Energy Stone
Cure the Illness
Dream of The Book Character
Enchanting an Object
Fast Hair Growth
Fire Scrying
Gain Power
Golden Wishing Ring
Healthy Garden Spell
How to Make a Spell
Hysteric's Money Charm Spell
Love Potion
Loved By All
Lucky Stone
Make Your Own Crystal
Medium Protection
Moon Water
Pentagram Protection
Protection Ring Spell
Psychic Awareness Spell
Simple Sight
Spirit Animal
Spirit's Aid
Summon The Fairies
Sweet Jar Candle
Third Eye Renewal Spell
To Find a Lost Object
True love spell (tested)
Magick Wand
18 Again Spell
A Fairy for Your Garden
A Simple Wish Spell
A Wolf Beast
Acoda's Luck Charm
Angel Spell
Angel/Demon Creation
Anti- Mosquito net
Anubis Scrying
Aphrodite's Love Charm
Arts of fighting :3
Awesome Mermaid Transformation
Basic Esbat Information
Basic Sabbat Lore
Be Calm
Become a Duck
Become a God/Goddess
Become a mermaid
Become a White witch
Become an Elf or Rivendale
Become Magical
Besom Blessing
Bind The Evil
Birthday Candle Incantation
Bless a Magical Pen
Bless a Necklace
Bless an Object
Blessing a book
Bond with the God(dess )
Branch of Sin
Bring any Toy to Life
Buddhist Protection Ritual
Casting a Cirlce
Cat Like Sense & Reflexes
Cemetery Powerful Love Spell
Change someone to Hampster
Charge a Amulet or Talisman
Charge a Wand
Charge for Spell work
Charm Empowering
Charming an Object
Circle Casting Chant
Cleansing Your Aura
Complex time travel spell
Cool Spell
Crystal Elixer Oil
Dark Crystal Lightning
Deflect Dark Magic
Demonic Love Spell
Dog Vision Enhancer
Doors to the Mind
Draconic Wand
Dragon Power
Dragon Truth Spell
Duplication Spell.
Earth Charm
Enchancement Spell
Enchant a Pen/Pencil and Book
Enchant an Item
Enchant Charm
Enchanting Spell
Energy Charge
Enhance a vision
Escape the Earth
Evil Banisher
Extra Energy
Faerie Wings
Feel like or Become a Cat
Find Someone's Element
Find Your Element!!!
Fire Element
Flower Fairy Spell
Flying potion
Full Moon Protection
Gender Spell
Get Animal Chat
Get Sea Powers
Go to the Nightosphere
Good Luck Charm
Good Luck Spell
Gougon Girkniek
Grow a mermaid tail
Guardian Earth
Happiness bath incantation
Hermes Magic Ring Enchantment
Honey Sweet
How to make a Charm Bag
How to Set Up an Altar
Imortal Spell
Invoke Your Inner Magnetism
Item of Invisability
Latin Necromancy Spell
Lesser Ward Spell
Lock and Key Spell
Love Charm
Love spell
Loving Marriage Spell
Luck spell
Lucky Charm/Object spell
Magical Writing
Magnify an Enchantment
Make a Soul Charm
Make a Wand
Make an Ice Amulet
Make something taste Better
Make youre Own Magic SpellBook
Meet your fairy! *WORKS*
Melting Moments
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Transformation
Mind persuasion/manipulation
Moon Magic/Mermaid Potion
Neek Brezo Nama
New Moon Psychic Bath
Not a Sunny Day
Open third eye
P3 Power
Peace and Energy Tea
Pet powers
Piece of Luck
Pocket Guardian
Power Charm
Powerful Love Spell
Prevent Biting and Barking
Prophetic Sleep Spell
Protection an Enlightment
Protection Potion and Spell
Psi Ball Control
Psi Energy Finale
Recover your Magical Energy
Ring of Vix
Sacred Blade
Scrying Mirror
See the Truth
Send Me a Sign
Serving Magic
Sex Spell
Shadow Garden
Shang Protection Charm
Simple Blessings
Singing Ritual
Siren's song
Soundproof a Room
Spell Boost
Spell to attract men...
Spell to Change Eye Color
Spirits Power
Stay Away
Stone Answers Spell
Strength of the Coconut
Summoning Phoenix
Superhuman abilitys
Tea Charging Spell
Temperature Drop
The Anifornum
The Body's Curse
The Shoe-Box Telephone
The Sun Spell
To become a Mermaid
To create a Familiar (evil)
To hold Evil Harmless
To Summon Loki
Tonic of holy energy
Tree Empowerment
True Colors
Turn Yourself Into An Animal
Vampire Spell
Vampiria Charm
Volatile Love Spell
Vore Belly
Walk Through Walls
Wand Creation
Warm House Spell
Warriors Blessing
Watch Yourself
Water element
Werewolf Transformation
Wish Spell
Witch Spell
Wizard to Wizard
Wolf Powers
Wolf Spirit Summoner
Write Neat with Pencil
A Black Rose
Adjust Your Aura
Angel of Spirits Chant
Angel of Winds Chant
Back Up
Better Jester
Call a Fairy
Candle Wick
Charging an Amulet
Christmas Spirit Spell
Conjure the Rain
Consulting with Gnomes
Control People
Create A Powerful Wand
Create a Termoployan Stab
Curse Chant
Dove's Blood Ink
Dream Controlling Box
Earth Amulet
Empower a Container
Enchant an Item
Enchant and Protect an Item
Enchant Many
Enemy Move Away
Finding Your True Element
Flower Blossom Encouragment
Full Moon Love Spell
Gain the Triforce Birthmark!
Halloween Spell
Harleen's Dream Catcher
House Protection Spell
Imbue a Candle with Magic
Learn Cryokinesis
Love Charm
Luck of Nature
Lucky Shamrock
Magyk Ball
Make Hot Sauce Hotter
Master of Breathing
Meremaid Transformation
Moons Curse
Paper Love
Potentiam Naturae
Power Stone Enchant
Protection (For Helpers)
Protection Spell
Protective Charm
Run Faster
Scorcer's Enchantment
Silent Hill Dream
Simple Love Potion
Sleep Oil
Spell to get your Ex Back
Stone Power Boost
Sun Protection For Vampires
Take Away Protection From Ring
Tarot Enchant
The Ethereal Sword
Third Eye Spell
To Bind A Promise
To Gather Old Magick Ritual
To See Spirits
Tree Growing
Understand Your Cat
Vision Through Anothers Eyes
Werewolf spell
Witches Hand Shake
Chakra Restoring Ring Enchantment
Enchanting Item for Good Dreams
Ice powers spell this works 100%
Multiple Baby Conceiving Spells
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Reinforcing of a Personal Space
A Spell To Call Hecate To Aid Your Magick
Create a Strength and Safety Amulet
Spell to make you or friend a wizard
A Chant to Mother earth (blessing)
An Amazing Working Fairy Spell #2
Become a Powerful Witch or Wizard
Charging Stones for Magick and Rituals
Create a Powerful Magic Pen/Pencil
Enchant a Book With Magic Powers
How to Become a Beautiful Angel
how to make your own iadian 1 (Important info)
One Ring from Lord of the Rings
Protection of the God amulet necklace
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
The Blinding of the Evil Sorcerers
The Hayagriva Avalokitesvara Mudra
The Thirteen Powers of the Witch
To Speed up Spell With Law of Attraction
Herbal Mixture for Mental Magic Enhancement
Light Side: Conceration of an Amulet
Potion to Change Someones Attitude
To Bless One with a Bout of Confidence
100% real shapeshifting spell
armor spell 1
becpme a morpher spell
i only see your potienal
control wind


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