Enchanting an Object for Performing Magick

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An object you wish to enchant
  • Concentration
  • Your voice
  • Optional
  • Some thread or string

This spell is very simple and will enchant your chosen object so that it will help you when performing Magick. NB: This won't necessarily improve your magic, but it will help you focus your energy and help you concentrate.

Casting Instructions for 'Enchanting an Object for Performing Magick'

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1. Place your chosen object in the palm of your preferred hand. I find a small object works best - for instance, I use a small green bead.

2. Clear your mind and concentrate on your object. Imagine your energies flowing down through your hand into your object.

3. Begin to chant slowly
'Spirits of the heavens, spirits of the seas
Spirits of fire and earth, listen to my plea
Enchant this object, so that it helps me
Harness the energies and listen to thee'

4. After a few minutes, your object should begin to glow faintly. When this happens, stop chanting and concentrate once again on your energies flowing into your object.

5. When the glow subsides, place it gently down onto a table. The object is now enchanted to help you perform Magick to your best ability. Some people may like to thread it onto something so that it can be worn, others may wish to just hold it when casting spells.

NB: If you are performing especially powerful spells, your object may begin to glow again.


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