Luna Charm

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
45% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • bottle with cork or lid (mines old and has old dust in it, i believe that will just make it stronger)
  • Small polished stone of your choosing (you can buy them for fishtanks or plants)
  • Special object you choose to charm (my bottle is small and so is my charm, make sure it fits!)
  • purified water
  • Approximately 14 days, starting at new moon ending at full moon
  • matches or lighter

This charm is for new beginnings, peace, and protection.. The moon will watch over you at night, guiding and helping you.
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Casting Instructions for 'Luna Charm'

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Fill your small bottle halfway with water
crush you're stone to dust, than put ALL of it in the bottle, don't leave any out
shake the bottle so it's all mixed in
put in your special item, cork the bottle.
Light your match or lighter and put the flame under the bottle to inject it will energy, don't put the flame to close and leave it under for about three seconds
Than leave it on the window sill where the moonlight can hit it for the 14 days or however long it takes for the moon to go through all its phases. If it ends in a blood moon, your charm is going to be especially powerful.

(yes, this spell was posted by CheshireGrin, my old profile, i have deleted it but the spell is still standing, ive posted it on my new one so you can inbox me)

This article was contributed by KittyWik

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