A Black Rose

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Last Quarter
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A rose
  • 2 black candles
  • An altar

Probably everyone has had sometime in their life when another person becomes romantically fixated upon them and simply will not leave them alone! Short of a restraining order, what do you do? Start with this spell:

Casting Instructions for 'A Black Rose'

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Pick a day when the moon is waning and your emotions are at a pitch. Secure a dark red rose that is partly opened. On your altar burn a Saturn incense. With a pin, prick the person's initials into the rose, then dip it into melted paraffin filling the pin holes with wax. Put the stem into a bottle of black ink and leave it on your altar for several hours. The rose should darken except for the initials.
That evening, cast your circle - again burning the Saturn incense. On the altar have two black candles anointed with a Saturn oil and placed 13" apart. Light the candles and between them place a picture of the person. Hold the rose over the picture, close your eyes and chant:

Wild and whirling spirits are in my thoughts
And demons haunt my mind,
This person is the object of my distemper.
That I may find relief and release
May this black rose be infused with magic
That carries a Dire Warning -
To cease his/her suit or to Beware!

Pull one petal from the rose and drop it scornfully upon the picture. The next day, place the rose in a box and have it delivered to your tormentor.


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