To create a Termoployan Stab

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Branch of Cedar, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, or Walnut, at least as long as you are tall and of a decent width, such that it will provide support and strength but will still comfortably fit in your hand. If possible, the branch should have fallen naturally.
  • A hand saw
  • A pocket or whittling knife
  • A single ruby, emerald, or sapphire half the diameter of the top of the branch. If these are unavailable, another corundum or beryl may be substituted.
  • A horse hair or other natural material paint brush
  • A clear varnish
  • Clear glue
  • Weatherproofing Spray (Optional, but Recommended)
  • Sandpaper (Optional, but recommended; not less than 50 grit)
  • River or Stream with a natural source.

These are the steps one should take to craft, consecrate, claim, and charge a Termopolyan Stab*. *Pronounced Stabv (a as in stab)

Casting Instructions for 'To create a Termoployan Stab'

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1. Whittle all the bark off the branch.
2. Cut the branch so that it is roughly as long as you are tall. Cut equally from both ends. (Being lazy and doing steps 1 and 2 in the wrong order will not work!)
3. Make an incision in the narrower end of the branch that matches the shape of the gem.
4. Affix the gem to the branch inside the incision.
5. Sand the branch to remove splinters and sharp edges.
6. Cut designs into the branch, but not on the top or bottom. The design is up to you.
7. Apply the weatherproofing spray on all sides of the branch, but not on the gem.
8. Apply the clear varnish to all external faces of the branch, but not the gem.

1. Bring the stab to the river or stream.
2. Hold it above the water.
3. Recite the following: "Cwestt Stab c?ssecro ha ti, lyi cwiti doni." (Prn: Quest stabv co-se'-cro (1st o nasal, e like a in ate, 2nd o long) a (a as in ah) tee, lyee quee'-tee do'-nee (o as in dough).
3. Hold the stab in the water for at least five minutes.

Carve your chosen Termopolyan name (sould not be related to your legal name) onto the bottom of the Stab while reciting, "Cwo clemo cwest stab" (Prn: Quo (o long) Cle'-mo (e like a in ate, o long) Quest Stabv).

Bring your Stab to the river and hold it underwater while repeating "Acwi movindi cargi cwest" (Prn. A-quee (A as in ah) mo-been'-thee (o long, th as in this) car-gee (g hard) quest) for at least 5 minutes.

Note: Some authorities believe that stabi need to be recharged annually, others biannually. While any river or stream with a natural source will work, it is more effective to recharge in the same river as the first time.


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