Control People

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - three red candles
  • - a picture of desired target
  • - person's (full) name written down
  • -(optional) a piece of their hair
  • -Your blood (you can just pick a scab or something)

This is a spell to get people under your control.

Casting Instructions for 'Control People'

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1. Set up your circle, then put the three candles in front of you. Light them from right to left. Put the picture right in front of you, with the person's name to the left.

2. Ground yourself. Find your way to controlling this person. Take as long as you would like.

3. Chant "tu sub manu mea, et ego me ad te concupiscentiae et descicions imperasti,(person's name here)" over and over.

4. Take the person's name on a piece of paper and rip it into three pieces. Dip your finger into the blood, enough to make a fingerprint. Do the same to all three pieces, then take one piece and burn it in the candle to the far right, then continue in that order going to the left. Continue chanting.

5. Rip the picture in three, and do the same with the blood, Burn the picture in the same sequence. Continue chanting, as you feel your energy rush through you.

6. Take the remaining blood and smear it over your hair (if you had the hair, if you didn't you can just skip this part) and continue chanting as you burn it in the candle in front of you.

7. Continue chanting as you feel the energy rush through you. When you feel you should stop, lower your circle and clean up. Carry on with your day.


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