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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Book of Shadows
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Belief in your Magick
  • Know What is Going on
  • Prepared for Consequences

If you want to Make your own Spells and Rituals and All the other ways Didn't work for you try this, you do not have to say any Charms or anything just a bit of Knowledge, Ability, Research and Faith. It is not Difficult but the most Important thing to Remember you Must know what you are doing Because if you Don't The Consequences could Be Dire....

Casting Instructions for 'Making your own Spell'

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Okay the Only reason you Have came here is Obviously to Learn and Realise the consequences of Writing your own Spells and Rituals, Now I know there are Over 1 Million ways to Make your own spells but this is The way I do It, I used to Say Charms to make them That I found On here. Then I would Write them In my B.O.S and Use the Power Of my Mind to Enhance Its Power. But Now this is what I do...

Step 1#. Think About your Requirements of your Spell, The Title and Incantation...

Step 2#. Get your Book of Shadows or Piece of Paper...

Step 3#. Write down the Spell Title, Requirements and Incantation in Any form you like...

Step 4#. Have Belief, Faith and Have lots of Preparation, Do not Have Fear of the Consequences, That is the Last Thing You want to do, The Goddess and the Mother Earth will Make the Consequences of the Spell be more Harsh on you and Others (That is something I KNOW it has happend to me before Now I do Not have that Much Luck, so do Not have Fear!!)

Step 5#. Then try Casting the Spell and Find out your Results.

See It is That easy if the Spell worked Then Congrats you have just made your own Successful Spell, But keep in Mind dont make the same Mistake as I am Willing to take all the time... Do not Write and test a Spell if you are not going to cast it again but you can Do it if you Really want to risk space in your B.O.S so if this has worked for me (which it really has) It really should work for you, and Remember to Not have fear. Even If You do Not Feal your Fear, this also Goes for Casting a Spell from a Book, the Consequences could still be Dire So do Not have Fear in Casting a Spell, Pretend you are getting a Glass of water, or really get a glass of water, or Something so simple until you do Not feal fearfull with the writing of your Spell, I know it seems Hard by what the steps say, but it really isnt I do It all the Time. Have Fun!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!! :)


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