Turn someone or something else into a werebeast

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An idea of who or what you want to curse (if it is an animal, you must know the individual animal)
  • Belief
  • A red piece of fabric
  • Voice
  • Glass of water
  • Marker/sharpie
  • Nearby woods, forest, park, or a garden
  • Round (as you can get) pebble
  • imagination
  • Ability to write
  • Night time (optional)

Warning: as you are making someone/thing into a werebeast, and it has not chosen it, this is counted as a curse. The werebeast has been caused by magic. This may mean the werebeast won't be able to control itself, but normal werebeasts can. People used to curse wolves with lycanthropy is a wolf pack was a problem so the wolf would kill its pack, then the humans would kill the wolf. This spell can make bears werebears, wolves and dogs werewolves, foxes and dogs werefoxes, big cats and cats werecats, badgers werebadgers, hyenas werehyenas, and bats, chimpanzees, vampires and humans any werebeast.

Casting Instructions for 'Turn someone or something else into a werebeast'

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1. imagine who/what you want to curse. Then think of the animal of the werebeast you want them to become (if it is an animal just think of a full moon).
2. Say this 3x:
"i command you to be ruled by the moon,
you will become a beast,
and terror follows you.
You will by blinded by fury,
anger, red, fear,
and death."
3. Write their name on the red fabric (if they're an animal without a name just put the breed/type/species of animal it is) and write it like this:
"(Name/whatever), you are an angry beast of the moon."
4. Fully submerge it in the water.
5. Take it out and squeeze as much of the water out, but it still needs to be damp.
6. Wrap it around the pebble.
7. Dig a very small hole in the woods/forest/part/garden and put it in.
8. Now wait for the spell to work on them.

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