Spell to achieve Mermaid powers

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Cup of water
  • Something to make circle with (for example: jump rope, hula-hop, ordinary rope...)
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Night (7 pm - 11 pm)
  • Outside

Spell that grants you Mermaid powers of your own choice. Keep reading on for more information. Read all the instructions so you don't get confused. Credits to the ''LittleMissAni123'' on Youtube.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell to achieve Mermaid powers'

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''Mermaids of the deep I want to be able to protect the seas and myself from danger. Grant me the power(s) of (mermaid powers you want, limit is up to 4 powers), so give me the powers! I shall be able to protect the ocean waters with these powers so make it me.''

Spell has to be said 3 times.

Firstly, you need to be outside. It has to be dark. Spell is not affected by any lunar phase although it is possible for it to work stronger or get even stronger control over chosen powers. I don't know, however, the one who made spell (LittleMissAni123) said lunar phases don't affect spell, neither in negative or positive way.

Okay, now that you are outside, make a circle big enough for a cup/bowl you use, to be in circle. Make it either out of rope, jump rope, even rocks or shells will do. Now that you made a circle, put bowl/cup of water in middle of circle.

Next, take paper and pen. On piece of paper write mermaid powers you want to have. Warning, ONLY mermaid powers will work. I will list all mermaid powers you can achieve by your choice using this spell, you'll find list down below with description of it. You can have minimum 1 mermaid power and maximum 4 mermaid powers.

Now, put the paper in water in cup/bowl you put in circle. After that, say spell 3 times.

Spell works morning after you have done spell, which means, you will get powers you chose this morning.

- Believe
- Each power is controlled with each hand motion. I list that below too.
- Since spell is pretty long and you must be in dark, you may use candle to see spell and say it, you can also write it in your notes on your mobile phone and read it out.
- You don't have to be mermaid in order for this spell to work. Regardless of it, this spell will work.
- You don't have to write names of powers as I wrote them. You may feel free to write, for example, ''controlling water'', etc.

- Feeling cold (if you picked hydro-cyrokinesis/cyrokinesis ONLY)
- Feeling hot (if you picked hydro-thermokinesis/pyrokinesis ONLY)


- Hydrokinesis - power that lets you move water at your own will, as well as expanding it, moulding it into a variety of shapes. With this power an owner can create balls of water , blasts of water or even geysers strong enough to lift people off the ground. This power has the limited potential to control water in other forms such as condensing ater molecules in the air or levitating ice (which means in hydrokinesis used in spell only allows you to control water's only one aggregate state; liquid).
In order to use this ability, put your hand out and make ''turning the faceout'' motion with your hand.

- Aerokinesis - upgraded version of ''Hydrokinesis'', power that lets you to control wind, create gusts of air and make windstorms.
As for hydrokinesis, in order to use this ability, put your hand out and make ''turning the faceout'' motion with your hand.

- Hydro-cyrokinesis - power that lets you to freeze water. This power can be used to freeze, cool down hot objects or even lower bodily temperature. It can be combined with hydrokinesis to create a ice ball. Disadvatage to this power is it can only freeze water and molecules of water present on certain object. This is power that lets you control one of water aggregate states; solid.
In order to use this power, just put your hand out.

- Cyrokinesis - upgraded version of hydro-cyrokinesis. Unlike in hydrocyrokinesis, user has the power to CREATE ice. Unlike in hydro-cyrokinesis, there is no need for water in order to make ice. Ice can be made without presence of any water.
As for hydro-cyrokinesis, in order to use this power, just put your hand out.

- Hydro-thermokinesis - power that alows you to boil water. This can be used to create steam , super heat objects or raise bodily temperature. This is the MOST dangerous power (along with pyrokinesis) because control can easily be lost and it can create so much heat and dryness that it can even easily dehydrate people or even create fire. There is a disadvantage to this power because although it can be heated, owner with this power has no control over its movement. This power alows user to control one of three water aggregate states; gas.
In order to use this power, you have to put your hand out and slowly (SLOWLY) make fist with your hand.

- Pyrokinesis - power to create fire and summon bolts of lightning. Upgraded version of hydro-thermokinesis.
As for hydro-thermokinesis, in order to use this power, you have to put your hand out and slowly (SLOWLY) make fist with your hand.

- Geldikinesis - power to turn water into jelly and make it soft.
In order to use this power, you have to put your hand out and spread your fingers.

- Substanicakinesis - power to harden water into a substance similar to crystal or glass. Upgraded version of geldikinesis.
As for geldikinesis, in order to use this power, you have to put your hand out and spread your fingers.

- Atmokinesis - power to control weather. Warning: I don't know if this power can be used in spell and will it work but this is mermaid power. I don't know exact hand motion for this power so I apoologize.

Any questions? Feel free to message me.


This article was contributed by User211481

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