Protective Charm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small pouch, bag, or sachet. If you do not have one already, you can make a simple one out of some cloth with a needle and thread. Purple or black are good colors to use.
  • Anything that represents protection: a small pentacle charm; protective herbs such as basil, bay, cedar, cinnamon, clove, dill, fennel, geranium, lavender, mint, oak, pine, parsley, rosemary, or sage; protective stones such as amethyst, quartz, or any black stone; and anything else you’d like to symbolize protection.
  • A candle or two, preferably white, black, or purple.

This Spell Allows You To Cast A Protective Spell On An Object

Casting Instructions for 'Protective Charm'

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Gather all the materials for creating the charm bag. Cast a circle and light the candles for protection. Charge all the materials with protection, imagining a strong, bright, protective purple light surrounding and filling them. Slowly, with intention, put each ingredient into the pouch. Bless each with loving, protective energy. When the pouch is full, tie it tightly and chant:
"May whoever keeps this charm
Be protected from every harm
Cast off all the bane and ill
So may it be, as is my will"
Imagine the entire charm glowing with protective energy. Pour your intentions into the charm. Visualize a protective shield growing from it, one that will encircle whoever holds it. Place the charm next to the candle(s) or hold it near the flame and imagine the energy of the fire going into the charm; purifying energy that will burn away all negativity and harm. When you feel that the charm is fully charged, close your circle and end your rite. Keep the charm for yourself or give it away with love.

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