Summon The Fairies

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • x1 Green candle(or any other colour that represents nature)
  • x1 Gift for them made from sticks or something e.g. a chair made out of sticks
  • x1 Flat, peacefull place near a tree
  • x2 green leaves from any tree,bush or flower
  • 100 percent concentration
  • 100 percent believance
  • And imagination

This will summon the fairies and in day they will play with you if your lonely they will talk(faries are patient) Good luck this works all the time for me :)

Casting Instructions for 'Summon The Fairies'

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1. Put the candle in place. Concentrate on what it is you want to do (obviously summon the fairies). Now light the candle.
2. Place the 2 leaves on each side and your "gift" infront of the candle. Now imagine you and the fairies foing something.
3. Now chant:
"Fairies of all kind here my call,
Nature fairies, house faries, Let me see you all
Fairies O fairies here me now
Let me hear and see you and your sounds
So mote it be!
(that night you should here voices talking to you so dont have much sound in your room the voices will be the fairies. Now befriend them and you can do anything, talk even play good luck)

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