What Witchcraft Really Is

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Do not claim to be a pagan, wiccan or a witch if you don't even know the basics of witchcraft.

Casting Instructions for 'What Witchcraft Really Is'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Definition Of A Spell:
When you choose to put something out into the universe to manifest. So basically you choose to put your OWN ENERGY into the universe and suddenly it will make changes that will ignite in a way with the other energies that are out there and it will make changes to swing things in your favor. Spell is actually a prayer.

Difference of Magic ang Magick:
The thing called "Magic" is an entertainment magic. It's the magician on stage that you see on the streets. (It's the tricks) The thing called "Magick" is the ACTUAL magic. It's the real magic. It's the magick you put out on the universe to make changes and to make things happen.

Elements of the Spells:
How the fire spell work:
The fire spell works when you write down something in a paper and burning it into an actual fire.

How the earth spell works:
Say what you want or write it down. If you want to say it, you must have the object and bury it. For example, You want to stop smoking. What you have to do is say all your intentions and bury an apple. As time pass by and it rots, the smoking lessens. If you want to write it, bury the paper.

How the water spell works:
It work at whatever pace you need it. You actually write down problems or anything that you want on a paper and put in an ice cube tray with water and put it in the freezer. The more higher speed the ice melts, your problem lessens.

How the air spell works:
Air spells are not like making tornadoes or controlling the wind, etc.. They are cleansing of the air. For example, the incense. Incense are purifying the bad air smell right?
So it's all about purifying the air. It's all about bringing up all the negative energies and letting the positive energies back in.


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''Do Not claim to be a pagan, wiccan or a witch if you don't even know the basics of witchcraft.'' r/gatekeeping

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