Fire Fingers

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A spell to give you a hot, burning touch.

Casting Instructions for 'Fire Fingers'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

First, start by using the body warmer spell. More or less, work on raising your body temperature. Once you have done this, focus that heat into your hands and say the following: "Fire, fire, hands of fire. Bring me the power of hands of fire". This will last as long as you keep focused.


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nothing worked

Apr 21, 2020
Hi Anne, Spells like this are dangerous, really these should be vetted. Firstly this is likely to work in the astral plane, invisible to normal vision however if you closed your eyes and gifted enough to see well I guess you would have flames coming out of your hands or maybe they would glow red orange. Put it this way it is what a spirit would see if they looked at you. Intent is important and it must be thought through thoroughly. In the physical world you may notice your hands are indeed different maybe warmer, the intent sends extra energy to your hands as well as blood flow. The bad thing about this spell if it is not done with the right intent is that it could backfire. In the physical world you could accidently burn yourself on something it will feel like fire but it will be real bad. A spell must have a use and a expiry. I want the power of fire fingers to light the way in the astral, or to warm my hands, or to fight mental battles. When you do a spell the mental imagery is important you must feel it, what do you know about fire all the different aspects of it, imagine it to that detail. It is hard when your inner sight has not fully developed but with practice you will see, it can be quickly or take years. I have sort have taken a step back these days but work on your inner sight, energy feeling it within your self, moving it about, but above all be attentive to everything acquire knowledge in all its forms and then you will get the hang of it. All the best and take a safe path. Blessings to you.

You cannot have fire shoot from your fingers/hands.

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