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This is a dueling spell.

Casting Instructions for 'fire making spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • opponent
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • opponent



Added to on Jul 18, 2021
Last edited on Jul 20, 2021
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This will not make fire, yet during battle may act as a confidence boost. Like a war cry can.

You cannot create fire with Real Magik.

Also I had a general question considering the elements. Like I've seen Tadashi and Nekoshema mention plenty of times that we can't directly manipulate the elements because its against nature. But , bear me here for a second coz i was just thinking about it, but like if you break down the process of making a fire, its basically just combusting oxygen and carbon and that happens when you gather enough energy(through heat). So hypothetically since we can accumulate energy in our hands for a psi ball, why can't we keep doing so until we reach the point we get enough energy to make combustion possible and voila , we get a fire. And then more difficult applications of manipulating fire like a ball or something , would I guess just be a question of how we manipulate the accumulated energy. This is kinda just a thought i had and i wanted to confirm with you guys if this made any sense cause I'm really new to magick myself but like I'm trying to use some science to see if there's a way we can do more with magick

Jul 20, 2021
Well my main question is in the case of the energy of a psi-ball why is it assumed it gives off heat? What is enough energy to make combustion possible? Scientifically to me anyway this doesn't hold too much water. The amount of energy required to hold a glamour for a long period is astounding. This is why glamours are often short lived. How then can anyone harness and direct enough energy to make something combust? If element bending were possible in the way featured on television, wouldn't we hear more of such occurrences? Wouldn't there be more individuals claiming to control the elements? It seems incredibly improbable to me.

Jul 21, 2021
So for a psi ball , I'm assuming it gives heat simply because whenever I've tried making psi balls, my palms always start to get much warmer and have that sort of tingly feeling so I'm assuming some amount of the energy we gather is taken as heat up by our palms. As for the amount of energy required for combustion, I don't think I have like the info for numbers but like it was just a question I had.As for why there aren't more occurrences , the only reason I can think of is either its improbable as you say or if not, its highly complex even for experienced casters.

Jul 21, 2021
Things are required for fire to occur [oxigen, heat, fuel] you can't simply think really hard and fire appears. As with your psi balls question, magickal energy is different from electrical energy. It wouldn't work for the same reason if you rub your hands together really, really fast, it wouldn't result in a spark and create fire. The heat from a psi ball is a side effect of the magickal energy being charged by our body. You could certainly try, but it's a different type of energy. It's spiritual, not physical.

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