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This spell is used to manifest your desires. The fire helps manifest your wish quickly. The water helps nullify any ill effects. Both elements aid in the spell in more ways than one, and in addition the Earth and Wind elements play a significant role as well. Use this spell for any wish, however, make sure you are still doing things to bring forth that wish even in a mundane way.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A fire-safe bowl or cauldron
  • Water (bottled or tap is fine, rain water best)
  • A very small piece of paper OR a leaf
  • Marker
  • Some of your own hair
  • A candle (any color)
  • Tea tree oil OR eucalyptus oil
  • Ashes (from previous wishes, incense, or other ashes)
  • Lighter/matches
  • (optional) flower petals, soil, etc to add an extra boost

Casting Instructions for 'Fire and Water Wish Spell'


Please note: The burned hair will give off a strong smell. The tea tree oil helps a bit, but if you live with someone or are still a closet-witch, this spell may not be for you. Also, please be careful when burning things. Put your hair back and be safe!


On the small paper or leaf (I used a paper about 1-inch x 1-inch in size), write down your wish. In my example, I wrote:

"I have a job interview."

Write it down as if it already happened!

Fold the paper (preferably three times, but any amount is OK). Then, take several strands (note: hair that has already fallen out. For example, I used a bulk of hair from my hairbrush) and wrap it around the paper.

Next (and Be Careful!) burn the hair and the paper (or leaf) in the fire-safe bowl. You can use incense to help burn it, too, a match, etc. 

Add a drop or couple drops of oil. Be careful, as this will make the fire burn higher/stronger. 

When it burns enough (follow your instincts), pour a small amount of water (approx a cup or less).

Add a pinch or two of ashes.

Add flower petals, soil, etc you want to add (optional).

Add some candle wax to "seal". I used a black candle, but you can use any candle or a color associated with your wish. For example, if your wish is related to money, you can use a green candle. 

Stir by moving the bowl around, chanting your wish several times.

When you are done, pour it on the ground outside. For me, I did this right outside my bedroom window.

Important factors to consider:

1. Make sure that you are still doing things to help with the spell. For example, if your wish is to have a job interview, apply to jobs! If your wish is for your crush to notice you, wear a nice outfit! If your wish is to get stronger physically, work out.

2. Keep doing the spell until you get the desired results.

My results:

I did this spell about four nights in a row until I got a job interview at the company I wanted! At first, I kept getting job interviews after job interviews at places that turned out to be a wrong fit or farther than I expected. If you don't get your desired results, keep trying! For me, that meant I had to keep applying to jobs and keep spell-casting, even when I was REALLY tired of the smell of burned hair. 

However, the spell works amazing for me, so I kept doing it!

Want to add an extra boost?

Throughout the day, keep repeating your wish. For example, I would repeat the words, "I have a job interview" quietly no matter where I was, throughout the day. 

Sometimes, I would light a candle, say it, then blow it out.

Persistence is key!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'll try to answer as fast as possible, but I'm not always on here.

You can also message me via my blog:


Happy spell-casting!


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