Summon Flame Snake

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Summons a serpent created in the fires of the elemental plane of fire whether it obeys or not is a different story.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Shed Snake skin
  • 1 oz Snake Venom (easily purchased from medical supplier for anti-venom)
  • 2 Salamander eyes
  • 6 ounces of dragons blood incense
  • 2 Black candles
  • chalk
  • 8 ounces burning oil
  • 2 Dish to burn
  • Common sense

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Flame Snake'

During the day on the full moon at noon enter an empty room preferrably wooden floors.

Place alter to fire deity w/ burning bowl cast cleansing circle around altar.

Cast summoning circle 3-5 feet in front of alter (this is wear the snake shall enter (out of a ball of flame ))

Put second bowl with oil in the summoning circle.

Put incense into bowl add in 4 oz dragonsblood burning oil ignite pyrokinetically or physically.




"Oh (insert deity) please grant to me a humble servant one of your children."

"With the body of deceit."

(add snake/serpent skin)

"The eyes of shadow."

(add salamander eyes)

and the dragons bite."

"With these items I give physical form to your most fearful creation."

(the next part is in tuscan pronunciation included)

"Krek creeteo mav kaas kataan...3 secs... Etreskan! Krek!"

(krek kree tayo mov kos cat on.... et res can krek)



At this point ignite the second bowl of oil.

Get ready here it comes to control this thing read my flame snake control spell.

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