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A spell to sweeten someone's impression of you, can be used for multiple occasions. For example, getting hired, making good impressions on a date, and more! Feel free to customize this how you see fit!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • clay
  • paper
  • writing utensil
  • honey

Casting Instructions for 'Tasting Sweet'


Step 1: Take your clay and shape it into a mouth, enough space to play a piece of paper in it. You don't have to make it perfect, but make it similar to what the targets mouth looks like. If they have thin lips, make their lips thin. Take the time to really personalize it, its what makes the spell powerful. 

Step 2: Now that you're done with the clay, take your piece of paper and write your name on it.

Step 3: Take the honey and dip the paper into it. Don't overcoat it!

Step 4: For this part, really take your time on it. Place the coated paper inside the clay mouth. This is the part where you visualize your intent. What do you want your target to go through their mind when they think about you? Their strong impression on you? Visualize the exact feelings you want to manifest or strengthen within them. 

Step 5: When you feel finished, close the clay mouth. 

General Knowledge and Context

Before casting the spell.. cleanse yourself, your ingredients, and the space around you. Keep a clear and focused mind when starting. 

What kind of writing utensils can you use?  Any you like. A pen, pencil, marker.. I would advice a pen first since ink really sticks onto the paper. 

Do colors matter? Try correlating colors to your intention. It's not gonna ruin the spell if you don't but I recommend it. Love related? Use red and pink. Business/Money related? Green. 

Do I have to use honey?  Use whatever you see fit. Honey is a staple when it comes to sweetening spells. 

What do I do with the clay mouth after the spell?  Tuck it away when you are done. When I complete spells, I like to finish and move on and wait till my desired results manifest. 

My results manifested! What do I do with the mouth? Disassemble it and toss the pieces out. 

It didn't work! What do I do? Something may have interfered with the spell casting. If it is available to you, consult a professional magickal practitioner or divination. 

If you have completed this spell successfully, message me or comment your results below. :] 


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