Happiness and Well-Being Sachet

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A sachet spell to help you feel happy, and draw positivity and general goodness into your life.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White fabric
  • A needle and yellow thread
  • A bay leaf
  • Peppercorns (courage)
  • Rosemary (general good health)
  • Sage (healing and protection)
  • Thyme (good luck)
  • Lilac (self love)
  • Lavender (peace and relaxation)
  • Salt (protection and cleansing)
  • Yellow citrine (happiness)
  • Sandalwood incense
  • A bell and ribbon

Casting Instructions for 'Happiness and Well-Being Sachet'

Fold a piece of fabric in half, and sew two of the open edges, leaving the last side open. As you sew, think or chant:

"As I sew each stitch,
Let happiness be sewn into my life."

Write your name, or the name of whoever the spell is for, on the bay leaf, and put it inside the pouch. Add the rest of the herbal ingredients, focusing on their magical properties as you do so; feel free to put your own energies into the herbs to amplify their own magic. Put the crystal in last.

Finish sewing up the bag. Pass it through the sandalwood incense to cleanse it of any negativity, then tie the bell on it to bring good cheer.

If possible, set the completed charm bag on top of an amethyst cluster to charge it with an extra boost of calming feelings.

Leave the sachet to sit in the sun for a full day to charge it. Replace the ingredients inside every month, if you wish for this to be an ongoing spell

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